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Microtrend Systems Inc. offers a set of General Purpose and Application Oriented Evaluation Platforms for Texas Instruments MSP430 Ultra-low power processor line as well as consulting services in: Sensor signal conditioning,Software for Class DE,E,E,F,EF,E/F amplifiers design(with distortion analysis and impedance matching for a wide variety of RLC loads) ,high efficiency DC/DC converters,turnkey solutions for Industrial and Medical Electronics,fast algorithms for Digital Signal Processing ,Nonlinear Dynamics in Power Electronics and industrial Control.

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   Development/Evaluation Platforms containing a set of unique features like: RS232 interface with autoshutdown,digital accelerometer,linear regulator and a DC/DC step-up converter,12 bit D/A,static LCD display,ZVS optotriac driver(or optocoupler),real time clock running on a separate battery,a built in Class EF amplifier for a 40KHz air-range sonar Tx/Rx ,JTAG programming interface,all running on a 3.6V Li-Ion Battery.

1. For all Microtrend Sys. platforms featuring a separate Real Time Clock (with its own 32Kb of memory), the company now offers free software drivers with the product (IC functions) along with a PC interface for fast setup.


2. The world's first "Micropower 16 bit fixed point two's complement math functions library " for Signal Processing applications using MSP430 .
3. The world's first "Micropower 40 KHz air range sonar for distance measurements : 3.3V@1.2mA from 4 in. to 12 ft., 5 measurements/sec "

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   Application Oriented Development Platform with a 56K Modem around MSP430F437

  General Purpose Development Platform around MSP430F449

  Application Oriented Development Platform with accelerometer around MSP430F449

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